SUSS School of Law Students’ Portal

A student run portal for the SUSS School of Law


This is a student portal maintained by current SUSS School of Law students. The goal of this portal is to provide a platform for various interest groups as well as to share about student life inside and outside the classroom. This portal will serve as a platform for students from various batches to interact and collaborate with each other. If you are a student from the SUSS School of Law, this student portal is the platform for you would like to obtain advice and possibly notes from seniors or gather other fellow school of law schoolmates to participate in various events and competitions.



Blog Posts


A depository of student created notes from earlier batches that are made available to later batches from the seniors. If you are a senior and would like to contribute your notes to help make life hopefully a little easier for your juniors, this is the place to do it as well.

If there are any queries or if you are a fellow SUSS School of Law student and need assistance with notes, please contact Dylan at [email protected] or 81730195.

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